Welcome to the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria

Sustaining Members

Thank you for considering a sustaining or recurring gift to the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria. Sustaining gifts are a convenient way to show your support of the League and can be automatically charged to a credit or debit card on a monthly or quarterly basis (for a minimum donation of $10 each transaction).

Sustaining gifts offer a variety of benefits. Please consider the following points.

Donor Convenience

  • Sustaining gifts require donors sign up online one time only. The gift will be charged monthly or quarterly as specified until the donor indicates otherwise.
  • Sustaining gifts allow donors to distribute their total annual giving over the course of a year, rather than paying in one lump sum.
  • Donors receive less postal mail. Monthly donors do not receive mailed solicitations from the League. We will send you two newsletters each year, to inform you of new shelter developments and highlight our wonderful companion animals.

Reduced Administrative Cost

  • Sustaining gifts require less administrative oversight—while delivering great support to our companion animals.
  • The continuous funding provided through sustaining gifts enables us to plan programs according to our known revenue streams.

Pawsitive Environmental Impact

  • Sustaining gifts limit the amount of printed material we generate and reduce our environmental impact. Thank you for showing your concern for our companion animals as well as our environment!

Other Questions?

Please contact Paige Blache, Director of Development at PBlache@AlexandriaAnimals.org or 703-746-5580 with any questions.

Click here to become a sustaining member.