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Bunny Spa Day

bunnyspa.jpgNovember 16th 2013 was an unusual day for the AWLA. While we are usually filled with 'cat people' and 'dog people', we don't often see visitors from other categories of pet ownership. This day, however, we were filled to the brim with 'bunny people'! Rabbit owners from all over the NoVa area came to the shelter for our 'Bunny Spa Day', organized by a local non-profit rescue, Friends of Rabbits, to give their bunnies some much deserved TLC and special treatment. 

1454741_600741973306554_759283692_n.jpgFriends of Rabbits brought volunteers to do brushing, nail trimming, and grooming, and they were joined by a special rabbit masseuse, trained in massaging and relaxation techniques for rabbits. It might sound crazy, but by the time the masseuse was finished, those were some of the happiest, most relaxed bunnies we'd ever seen! By the end of the day, the volunteers had groomed almost 40 rabbits, many of whom were alumni from the shelter, including Bison, one of our more well-known Giant Angoras. 1424339_600742039973214_41009415_n.jpgIt was a huge success! We were so happy to see all those rabbits being spoiled by their owners, and it was doubly exciting to see the care and love their rabbits were getting - their owners had obviously taken the time and care to learn about their rabbit's specific needs. 

We are very much hoping to work with Friends of Rabbits to do another Spa Day soon, so make sure to check our website!