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1491625_568595463217586_1065719755_n[1].jpgLooking for the perfect roommate? Well, you can stop perusing Craigslist and take down those flyers. Priscilla is the girl for you! She's quiet, friendly, and won't leave dirty dishes in the sink!

Priscilla is an 8 year old Brown Patch Tabby that came to the shelter a few months ago after her owners moved away. At first, she stayed in one of our offices because she was so adamant to be near people!

After a few weeks, we moved her into the main cat room so she would have some more exposure, and she has been doing great! She has another roommate here, and they get along very well. She has also had experience with dogs and kids, and so would fit perfectly into just about any home!

Does Priscilla sound like the cat for you? Then call 703 736 4774 or come and see us today!


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